Jared was born and raised in upstate NY with his parents, two younger sisters, and a huge extended family! He and his wife, Nina, met racing dirt bikes and have been together since their teens. They have two young kids, Jax (6) and Paisley(1).

Jared’s fitness journey started in the pursuit of chasing a professional dirt bike racing career. He was dragged into CrossFit by his wife, with the intention to increase fitness for his sport- but he ended up being asked if he wanted to become a coach to help others! He got his L1 right away and began coaching within only a few months of being part of CrossFit.

His coaching career may have begun in 2011, but his passion for coaching really began in 2014. That year Jared suffered a severe brain injury that ended his competitive racing career, and he needed something to focus on to hide the pain of losing racing. Coaching CrossFit was very clearly his calling and purpose.

Jared and his wife owned and operated CrossFit of Ithaca in upstate NY for 7 years before chasing their dream of moving to the south.

Since beginning his coaching career in 2011, Jared has dedicated himself to being among the top coaches in the world. In 2019 he was asked to be part of CrossFit’s Seminar Staff (or “Red Shirts”). There’s an extraordinary amount of skill involved to join Seminar Staff, as there are only 200 Red Shirts in the world and they represent less than 1 percent of the world’s CrossFit coaches.

We are honored to have Jared’s expertise at Forge.