Metcon (Time)
Partner WOD!
6 RFT:
27/20 Calories, Assault Bike // 400m run
10 Hang Snatches, 95/65# // 3 Wall Walks
10 Burpees // 10 Box Jumps, 30/24″

Partner A does the Assault Bike, 10 Hang Snatches and 10 Burpees while Partner B does the 400m run, 3 Wall Walks and 10 Box Jumps. Partners have to wait for each other to finish the movement they are on (i.e., if Partner A is not done on the bike when Partner B finishes the run, Partner B must wait to begin the Wall Walks until Partner A finishes the bike). After a full round is completed, partners switch the movements.

Record the time to complete.

Barbell: 75/55# or lighter
Box Jumps: 24/20″ or step ups
12 Push Ups